The Reformed Period 1500-1900

I learned in school that you should always write the introduction last. (That actually saves weeping a corner later.) This will be that introduction, now it is more an outline to keep from losing things in the mess of the conversion, cleaning and expansion of this section. 

The Reformation is formally dated from 1500 but prior to that there were calls for reform, although not along the lines of what the Reformation eventually became.

Early Calls   

The Reformation itself had theological and political overtones and the theology is my primary focus.

1517 The Reformation

The Reformers

1525 The Anabaptists

1600 Puritans

1610 Arminianism

1670 Pietists



Reformed Theology

Five Solas

Reformed Confessions

Following the Reformation, if it indeed ever ended, where other movements that fractured even further. Now folks talk of Calvinists and Arminians, which is also an oversimplication but the two can be compared, perhaps unfairly here

Tulip vs Wesley

A major religious group that impacts us in America and to perhaps a lesser extent in the UK are the Puritans. 
Puritans 1600-1699

In America and Britan there were other movements later:

The great Awakening 1700-1799

The second Great Awakening 1800-1899

Some argue for a Third Great Awakening 1850-1900