General/Church Epistles

The general epistles are not by Paul, the exception possibly being Hebrews which is often attributed to Paul. While the major Pauline epistles are theological, the general epistles are more practical. Theology teaches us who God is but it does not help us too much in living out our lives. Rules of conduct can make us legalistic and prevent us from seeing who God is. We do need both, but we need to view one with the other in mind. The general epistles present us with a picture of what it is like to live out the Gospel often times in the face of persecution. In this sense the General Epistles raise some issues and questions not found in the Gospels or Paul's Epistles. If Paul tells us what conversion is, the General Epistles tell us what conversion does.


General Epistles
Epistle Traditional Author Traditional Date
Hebrews Many times attributed to Paul.
Tertullian attributes it to Barnabus.
Some moderns attribute it to Pricilla.
Most say it is of unknown authorship.
60 - 93
James James a Brother of Jesus 45
I Peter Peter the Apostle 65
II Peter Peter the Apostle 67
I John John the Apostle 85
II John John the Apostle 85 - 90
III John John the Apostle 90
Jude Jude a Brother of Jesus 67-73