Passover Meditations for Lent

These meditations were originally for a prayer meeting I led for about three years. Our church was in the process of calling a new pastor and I was told that the new pastors coming out of seminary were more liturgical than had been the tradition of our denomination. The prayer meeting started observing seasons with this series.

Lent is the season of preparation for Easter. The seasonal color is purple. The traditional character of the Lenten season is fasting and penance. That has always bothered me because as Christians we celebrate the deliverance that is ours in Jesus and that not of our own righteousness, all year long. That said, Lent is meant to prepare us for Easter when we discover anew the transformed life that is ours in Christ.

Self examination is traditionally part of lent but removing the beam so we can help with the speck is an important part of the Christian life always--not just during lent. The Christian needs always to be aware of their own imperfections and so careful reflection and repentance should always be a part of our lives.

Because the first Easter happened at Passover and Passover is also a celebration of deliverance we looked at stories of deliverance culminating in the Passover story as reinstituted into the Communion service. Understanding that God is a God of deliverance is central the our understanding of the Easter message.

The Passover meditations for lent focuses on times when God delivered his people. Not just at Passover, but throughout Biblical history.