The Bible Story traces the history of Faith from the time of creation until the end of time.  The history of mankind is actually a larger more fragmented story.  The Bible story focuses on a place that is really something of a back water when considered in the context of the world.  To say that this page serves as a summery of all of world history is certainly too grand a pronouncement but it is a window into the wider context of history in which the story of Faith has been worked out. Apart from the prophetic portions, the Bible covers time from creation until something like 62 AD.  There is even a gap of some 400 years between the Old and New Testaments. Most of the empires presented here are part of the Bible story. That is why this section began but history of one empire intertwines with another which is why this is likely an ever expanding list. The later empires listed here impact the story of the church and interact with the Church History pages. Some of this came about because of the Islam setion.

There have been many ambitious men during History who have tried to dominate the world.  Some of those are mensioned in the Conquerors page. 

Time Empire/Kingdom
8000 BC - 341 BC Egypt
1600 BC - 1912 China
1200 BC -  150 BC Greek
 879 BC - 555 BC Israel
 885 BC - 607 BC Assyria
728 - 549 BC Medea
550 BC -  Persian Empire
247 BC - AD 224 Parthian
753 BC - 750  Roman
285 - 1453 Byzantine Empire
622 - 1299 Islam
1037 - 1194 Seljuk (Turk) Empire
1206 - 1370 Mongol Empire
1299 - 1918 Ottoman Empire