The Paschal Greeting

The Paschal Greeting is also known as the Easter Acclamation, or the Easter Greeting. Wishing someone a happy holiday is common in polite society. Some these days will say Happy Easter. This does not really have the significance of the Pascal Greeting. Many Christian liturgical Easter services begin with the minister initiating this Pascal Greeting. As with the benediction at the end of the Lord's Prayer, that does not appear in the Bible, comes from a Greek liturgical tradition. That benediction made it into the King James Bible. So it is that this piece of liturgy moved from the service book into general use. Not only is it used to begin the service but may use it to greet friends at the front door.

The form I learned in my youth is:

"Christ is risen" for which the reply is "He is risen indeed"

There are other versions of this greeting:

"The Lord is Risen!", and the response is "Truly, He is Risen" or "Indeed, He is Risen"


Pascal Greeting from around the world can be found at 6/22/19