Pantaenus (d. ca. 216). Not much is known directly about Pantaenus except for his influence on others. He founded the Catechetical School of Alexandria in 190. This school is known as the earliest catechetical school, and influential in the development of Christian theology.

In 185 Pantaenus was a Stoic philosopher teaching in Alexandria. He converted to the Christian faith, and sought to reconcile his new faith with Greek philosophy. His most famous student, and his successor as head of the Catechetical School was Clement of Alexandria. Clement described Pantaenus as "the Sicilian bee" which is thought to be a reference to his country of origin.

Although no writings be Pantanus are extent, his legacy is known by the influence of the Catechetical School on the development of Christian theology, in particular in the early debates on the interpretation of the Bible, the Trinity, and Christology. 5/7/07