The History section shows us just how difficult it is to live according to the Law's teachings. Especially in a world where there are distractions on all sides.

In the book of Joshua, Joshua leads the nation into the promised land but they fail to purify (conquer) it. The Lord is to be their King but by the time of Samuel, the people reject that system of government in favor of one that is headed by an earthly king. The earthly kings are just men. Some Kings are good and some are bad. They either lead the people to God or away from Him. When things get so bad, the nation is removed from the promised land and taken into captivity.

The promised land has figured prominently in the narrative since it was given to Abraham. It is to be a land of rest, but there are only brief times when the land i at peace. The Israelite society is to be a City Set on a Hill. An example of a just society in an unjust world. The nation of Israel is to be a nation of priests. The majority, however cannot remain faithful. The mission of example is realized as long as the people cam remain faithful. 

There is disobedience for sure but it is more for a lack of focus on God that causes the judgment of God to fall on his people. The judgment is never without mercy and is in fact a more sifting process. The unfaithful vanish into the rest of the world. Some even walk away deliberately.  Many of the faithful are carried into captivity and actually prosper there as they remain faithful.

Some of the people in captivity prosper and that prosperity makes them unwilling to return when Ezra and Nehemiah return to rebuild the temple, Jerusalem and the nation.

History Summary
Joshua The story of the conquest of the promised land.
Judges Life after Moses and Joshua.
Ruth The notion of the Kinsman Redeemer demonstrated. 
I Samuel & II Samuel Transition from the Judges to the Kingdom. Saul, David and Solomon.
I Kings & II Kings From the decline of David, rise of Solomon to the fall of the Kingdom of Judah. From the perspective of the Palace.
I Chronicles & II Chronicles Another take on the history of the Kingdom of Israel from David to Zedekiah. Chronicles is more from the perspective of the Temple.
In the Vulgate they are called Paralipomenon, from the Greek for "things omitted."
Ezra-Nehemiah Returning from the Exile. Rebuilding Jerusalem and the Temple.
Esther Life in Exile.